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"Why does anyone have a web page? Too much free time. Not enough friends. Justifying owning a computer." - Noel Crane (Scott Foley), from Felicity

Welcome to the new location of Another Useless Home Page!
At present, nothing is new, except that you will have to change your bookmarks.
In the future, I plan to revamp this site, to make it more up-to-date. Though I have no plans to get all Flashy or even change the layout, I will be making changes. I haven't actually decided what I'm going to change, aside from the internal html structure, so once the changes have been made, you may not even notice. It's OK, I won't be offended!

I have switched from HTML 4 to XHTML 1 for this page. Some things may not look right. I may have missed a tag or two. Bear with me!

EXCLUSIVE TO MY HOME PAGE: - The Official Lee Aaron Web SiteLee Aaron (Another Useless Home Page is the official portal to
The best singer in the world who nobody's ever heard of.

Charles Milles MansonCharles Manson
Some stories and quotes that just might change your mind!

Parody of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Please do not go here if you are likely to be offended!

How I Beat GoldenEye for N64
Maybe not the best way, but it worked for me....

KC Scouts logoHow A Goalie Can Beat Bill Mosienko's Record
Hey, it could happen!


People who I often mistake for other people.

brainThings In My Head
Opinions and other crap in my head.

Well, this is just silly.

Sure, why not?

quotesQuotable Quotes
I bet there's at least one that applies to you!

sounds likeSounds Like...
What is that song, anyway?

Chrissie HyndeChrissie Hynde's Advice
She should know!

WHAWHA Teams Timeline
I was bored. Here's a timeline of all the WHA teams. Kinda interesting, but boring interface. Functional, at least. Also includes links to NHL teams timelines.

CFLCFL Teams Timeline
I was bored. Here's a timeline of all the CFL teams. Kinda interesting, but boring interface. Functional, at least.


meStickBoy's Biography
All about me.... (How exciting!)

PoCoCity of Port Coquitlam
Where I growed up....

VancouverCity of Vancouver
Where I R living....



Lee Aaron European Fan PageLee Aaron European Fan Page
Another great Lee Aaron fan page

Suzi QuatroSuzi Quatro
Official Web Site

Official Site Of The
Official Site Of The Runaways

RunawaysUnofficial Runaways Home Page
Not well-written, but very well-researched and definitely worth a visit or two.
(Caution: This is a Tripod site; you will be assaulted with myriad popups.)

Cherie Currie - the voice of The RunawaysCherie Currie
The best voice the Runaways ever had.


BC LionsB.C. Lions
The place to find our CFL Canadian Football League British Columbia Lions.

Tiger-CatsHamilton Tiger-Cats
Another great CFL Canadian Football League team.

CanucksVancouver Canucks
The place to find our NHL National Hockey League Vancouver Canucks.

Vancouver Giants
The place to find our WHL Western Hockey League Vancouver Giants.

Fiction & Fun:

NardwuarNardwuar The Human Serviette
The Official Web Site!!!

Homemade South Park gifSouth Park
Oh my god they killed Kenny! You bastards! No, really. They really killed Kenny!

Swedish ChefZe Sveedish Chef
The unofficial web site of the best muppet ever! And you can download the Encheferizer to change your text to chef-speak: Zee unuffffeeciel veb seete-a ooff zee best mooppet ifer! Und yuoo cun doonlued zee Incheffereezer tu chunge-a yuoor text tu cheff-speek. Gu eheed, dun't be-a a cheeckee!

No animal was harmed in the making of this website.

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