All Things Canadian

This is just a simple list of everything in the world that is Canadian. People, places, things. Animals, vegetables, minerals. Et cetera! There are three sections:
Achievements (inventions, world records, etc.)
People (famous or otherwise; arranged alphabetically)
Other (musical bands, TV shows and movies, etc.; arranged alphabetically)

This list is by no means complete. To add to it, please see the caveat at the bottom of the page.


     ... most, though not all, of the above comes from Ralph Nader's book Canada Firsts


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Our Unique Canadian Identity, by Dave Foley

OK, so this is the part where I solicit contributions from the huddled masses (i.e. you). But first let me say this: I put this page together to highlight Canadians for those who may not know they were Canadian. But I keep getting emails suggesting I add people or bands that nobody has ever heard of or, if you've heard of them, then you know they are Canadian. For instance, I received an email today asking me to add a Vancouver punk band from 1979, called Active Dog. This band had one song on a punk compilation record and their only other release (a single) came out after they had broken up! The only people who would know this band are the people who were there at the time, and the chances that they were not aware of the Canadianness of the band are nil. So please, if you are going to submit a name or an achievement, make sure it's someone we've heard of or that made a difference. (Yes, I added Active Dog anyway. Since the person who submitted it seemed to think it was an important entry because Buck Cherry had been a member [I have Buck Cherry on the list, mainly because of the California band called Buckcherry], I decided to add Bif Naked's four previous bands, which I'm surprised no one has sent me yet! [Bif Naked being more known than Buck Cherry who, the last time I checked, was a music critic for the local newspaper.] But that's all I'm adding. No more nobodies or coulda-beens, please!)
A recent (humourous?) correspondence on Active Dog.... (contains foul language - reader discretion advised!)

Ooh, I know! Why don't you tell me about some more Canadian achievements/people/other that I missed! You really should.... Come on now, no more secrets! TELL ME!!!

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