How A Goalie Can Beat Bill Mosienko's Record

     So I was bored one day and I just started thinking about that record and how it could be beaten by a goalie. First of all, you probably wanna know what record I'm talking about. On March 23, 1952, Bill Mosienko, playing for Chicago Black Hawks, scored three goals (a hat trick) against Lorne Anderson (goaltender) of New York Rangers, in 21 seconds. Let me say that again. He scored three goals in 21 seconds! If you don't know hockey, that's very fast and very difficult to duplicate. The closest record holder is Jean Béliveau at 44 seconds.
     But now I'm gonna tell you how a goalie - a player who is not allowed to cross the centre red line, can beat that record without hardly any effort on his part. I must warn you that although the following scenario is possible, it is highly improbable - even in Pee Wee hockey, let alone professional, NHL-calibre hockey.
     Here's how it would have to happen:
Let's first arbitrarily pick two teams. Say, Kansas City Scouts and New Jersey Devils (for those of you who know, I do too). The score is 2-2. There is a little over a minute remaining in the game. The Devils are short-handed and the goalie flings the puck all the way down the ice. The Scouts pick up the puck behind their net and pass it around a bit. A pass comes out from behind the net, hits a Scouts defenceman who wasn't expecting the pass, it bounces into his own net. The last player to touch the puck for the Devils was the goalie, therefore he gets credit. Now there is about 54 seconds remaining in the game. The Scouts coach pulls his goalie in hopes of getting the tying goal. The face-off at centre ice is won cleanly by the Scouts (that is, no Devils player touches it) and drawn back between the centre's legs. However, none of his teammates can reach it before it enters their own net. The last Devils player to touch the puck? Still the goalie. He now has two goals to his credit. There is about 49 seconds left in the game so the Scouts coach, hoping his players can regain their composure, leaves his goalie on the bench. There is a greater possibility for them to score two goals to tie the game than for the Devils to score another goal. Plus, the Scouts are still on a power play. Unfortunately for the Scouts, they didn't learn anything from the last face-off and it is replayed exactly. The goalie now has set a new record by being credited with the three goals scored at 19:06, 19:11 and 19:16 - a hat trick in 15 seconds, and short-handed to boot!
     The times are arbitrary, of course, but that is how a goalie could break Bill Mosienko's record. So all you goalies out there - keep trying!!!

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