How I Beat GoldenEye for the N64


I am StickBoy and I beat GoldenEye on the N64. I have been asked how and I thought it might be kinda fun to make a web page all about it. I was wrong. But I did it anyway.

The following pages will give you step-by-step instructions on how to finish each mission in 00 Agent level. If you have not completed the game on any of the easier levels, I would suggest you do so, following these instructions, so that you can familiarize yourself with the missions. It will make it easier when you do it in 00 Agent level. But that's only a suggestion. I have also been able to get the maps for all the missions. I've cleaned them up a little and then added further information to them, in the process messing them up again.

I have also included some "fun things" to do during the missions, if you are getting bored or if you have finished. I will also describe how to get the cheats on most missions, though these will not necessarily be illustrated on the maps.

Please note that this site does not necessarily tell you the best way to finish GoldenEye, only the way that I finished it (four times, got all the cheats twice).

I hope that you find this site useful. If you get stuck and my instructions just don't help, feel free to drop me an email explaining your predicament. Who knows - maybe I left something out!

As you may know, when you finish GoldenEye, you get a treat: the 007 level. Similarly, when you finish this enhanced walk-through, you will be offered a treat. But you gotta get all the way to the end! :)

OK, on with the show....

MISSION 1: Arkangelsk
1.i - Dam
1.ii - Facility
1.iii - Runway
MISSION 2: Severnaya
2.i - Surface
2.ii - Bunker
MISSION 3: Kirghizstan
3.i - Launch Silo #4
MISSION 4: Monte Carlo
4.i - Frigate
MISSION 5: Severnaya
5.i - Surface
5.ii - Bunker
MISSION 6: St. Petersburg
6.i - Statue Park
6.ii - Military Archives
6.iii - Streets
6.iv - Depot
6.v - Train
7.i - Jungle
7.ii - Control Center
7.iii - Water Caverns
7.iv - Antenna Cradle
MISSION 8: Teotihuacán
8.i - Aztec Complex
MISSION 9: el-Saghira
9.i - Egyptian Temple

Multiplayer Tips, Tricks & Rules


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