MISSION 2: Severnaya
2.i - Surface

Purple S indicates starting point
Red dot = stationary guard
Red dot with black X = patrolling guard
Black dots show approximate path of patrol
Arrows indicate direction of patrol
Straight lines indicate that a patrol is back and forth, rather than in a circuit


  • In order to make up time (important only in one mission, but it sometimes seems to take forever to start), hit the Start button during the opening film and then again when the POV zooms up to Bond to get inside his head.
  • Guards cannot see over railings or short walls, even though you can see them.
  • Guards generally take a moment to "set" - move their firearm from carrying position to firing position. This is the best time to kill them.
  • Always use Auto-Aim unless you have time to manually aim. (As far as this site goes, you should only aim manually when I specifically say to aim at something or if I say to shoot someone or something in a specific place. For instance, if I tell you to shoot someone in the head, you will need to manually aim. Otherwise, use Auto-Aim - that's what it's there for!)
  • Never rely on your Auto-Aim for up and down stairways, ladders, etc.
  • Never engage the enemy in a face-to-face gunfight. Get around a corner and wait for them to come to you. Pick them off as they round the corner and attempt to set.
  • The KF7 is your most handy gun, although it is loud. A tip: when aiming, a quick tap on the trigger will fire one bullet. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the head and generally does not attract the attention of other guards. When using Auto-Aim, a quick tap on the trigger will fire three bullets. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the chest (where Auto-Aim generally aims) and, when used inside rooms or far away from other guards, does not attract their attention the way a huge outburst of gunfire would. It also conserves ammo!
  • Don't switch guns until I tell you to!
  • Reload often - after every bad guy if possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified, always take your time! This walk-through is to get you finished the game, not to achieve the cheats. Speed is not necessary and, in most cases, will get you killed.

    From the start, cut across the snow to #1 and climb up that lookout tower. Switch to your sniper rifle. Pick off the patrol in the near path, then pick off the patrol in the far path. The second one may take a while as he has a long route. Have patience, he will return. Now go to A and pek over the snow bank. Line up one of the barrels and shoot it until it blows up. It will take out both of those guards.

    Switch to your Silenced PP7 and run straight behind that shack to the tree line and run along the tree line to #2. Be hopeful that the patrol is facing the other way and be quick about this: go down to the shack and look through the window to the right of the door. Shoot that guard in the head (two shots). Another guard will try to come out after you - you should be heading for the door and meet him with a few bullets of your own. Grab all the guns and the key that the first guard dropped, but also beware of guards coming through the door. The guards in this mission are endless and psychic: they keep coming and, even though you are using a silencer, they always know where you are. (You can test this theory by staying in one of the shacks, behind the door, and just picking them off as they come in. This is also a good way to accumulate ammo for your PP7.) When the coast is clear for a moment, check this shack for a Grenade Launcher. Switch to it when you get it and then pick up the box of grenades. (If you pick up the box of grenades without switching to the Launcher first, you won't pick up as many grenades.) Now switch back to your Silenced PP7. (This shack is full of boxes that explode - don't hide behind them!)

    When you are ready, exit the shack and head back up to the shack marked with a B. Inside, on the table, is a key. Get it and then head towards the big satellite dish in the sky. Shoot any guards that get in your way but remember, they are endless, so don't waste your time on them. The reason for shooting them is to stun them in order to give you time to run away and out of their range. You will get hit but look on the bright side: when you are shot in the back, the force propels you forward faster!

    Go into the base of the building with the satellite dish on it and go up the stairs, all the way to the top and through that door. There are no guards inside, but don't go out any of the other doors here and don't dally too long here as they will come in the doors. Go to computer and turn it off (B button). Don't shoot it! Now leave, quick!

    Exit the building and go around to #3. There is a fence around that shack, so you have to enter at #3. Go in the first shack on your left and get the Plans from the safe. Check the windows for incoming guards. Wait for any you see, but if it's clear, get out of there and head towards #4, sticking mainly to the treeline on your left. I would suggest you run (use side-step and forward) so you'll have time when you get there. While you are running, switch to the Grenade Launcher. When you get to #4 (or thereabouts) aim high and try to land a grenade on top of the ventilation tower. Once you see the explosion there, head around and climb the ladder. There should be a hole to fall into. If there are still locks on it, you will have to shoot them - use the Silenced PP7. Drop in and you are done.

    MISSION 2.ii - Bunker


    You must finish this mission on the Secret Agent level in 3:30 or less.

    Cut out all the sniper firing and just do all the above really, really fast!

    For reference, my best time is 3:18. No, I don't wanna hear how fast you made it!

    Whaddaya get for it? Double Grenade Launchers (Mission only).


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