7.ii - Control Center

Purple S indicates starting point
Red dot = stationary guard
Red dot with black X = patrolling guard
Black dots show approximate path of patrol
Arrows indicate direction of patrol
Straight lines indicate that a patrol is back and forth, rather than in a circuit


  • In order to make up time (important only in one mission, but it sometimes seems to take forever to start), hit the Start button during the opening film and then again when the POV zooms up to Bond to get inside his head.
  • Guards cannot see over railings or short walls, even though you can see them.
  • Guards generally take a moment to "set" - move their firearm from carrying position to firing position. This is the best time to kill them.
  • Always use Auto-Aim unless you have time to manually aim. (As far as this site goes, you should only aim manually when I specifically say to aim at something or if I say to shoot someone or something in a specific place. For instance, if I tell you to shoot someone in the head, you will need to manually aim. Otherwise, use Auto-Aim - that's what it's there for!)
  • Never rely on your Auto-Aim for up and down stairways, ladders, etc.
  • Never engage the enemy in a face-to-face gunfight. Get around a corner and wait for them to come to you. Pick them off as they round the corner and attempt to set.
  • The KF7 is your most handy gun, although it is loud. A tip: when aiming, a quick tap on the trigger will fire one bullet. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the head and generally does not attract the attention of other guards. When using Auto-Aim, a quick tap on the trigger will fire three bullets. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the chest (where Auto-Aim generally aims) and, when used inside rooms or far away from other guards, does not attract their attention the way a huge outburst of gunfire would. It also conserves ammo!
  • Don't switch guns until I tell you to!
  • Reload often - after every bad guy if possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified, always take your time! This walk-through is to get you finished the game, not to achieve the cheats. Speed is not necessary and, in most cases, will get you killed.

    Covered in sweat? Heart beating rapidly? Stressed out? You will be! The key to this level is to take no hits until you begin protecting Natalya. If you remain unscathed to that point, you will be able to absorb the shots required to get both you and Natalya out of there alive.

    Open the elevator door and run across to the wall and turn to your left. Shoot that guard. Two more will come, shoot them too. Inch your way up that wall until you can see that drone gun that was trying to kill you as you came out of the elevator. Just a corner of it is all you need. If you have picked up one of the guard's guns, switch to it. Otherwise, just use your PP7. Now get back to #1 and take out the gun at the far end of the room. It may be shooting - that can only help. It can't hit you there. Now go out and get those guns. Switch to the D5K. Step to #2 and look up ... look way up. Get that drone gun. Now do the sneak 'n' peek and take out the two guards near #3. This may or may not draw out the final guard. If not, go get him. Now go get Natalya from the elevator and she'll open the next door for you. You have to stay with her while she does it, though.

    Wait until she says the door is open, then go to #3. At the end of this corridor there is a stairway down to a small pit. In the pit are two guards whose heads you can probably see from here. Rest assured, they can see you, so give it to 'em. You should have them dead by the time you get to #4. At #4, listen and watch for grenades - the guards around the corner like to toss 'em at you. Sometimes their aim is not so good and they blow themselves up. Don't rely on that - they are usually pretty good. If you see a grenade come into the hall or hear one go "tink tink", back up and watch the explosion. These guys are also fairly psychic. It's hard to sneak up on them, but do the best you can.

    Once they are gone, go down in the pit and pick up the Remote Mines (the X), then go to the end of the next area and peek around the rocky outcropping. There's a guard just begging for a bullet in the face. Let him have it, then back up and wait for the guy who saw his buddy die. Kill him as easily. Now creep through that opening and to your right are two guards. Kill one and the other will come for you.

    Go right and up the stairs. Stand to the right of the door and open it. Shoot the guy just inside the door and wait for the rest to come. There are four in total. Go in and down the stairs and through the door to your left. Don't panic - that's just Boris. Don't shoot him or Natalya will be pissed off and won't help you. Just charge up to him and let him say his piece. He'll pull a gun on you, then drop it in your hands. It's only a DD44 - no use to you except as ammo. Let him go and resist the urge to shoot him when he shouts out "I'm invincible!"

    Follow him up to the second floor and take out the guards on either side of the stairs. You can't do sneaky-pete or the guard behind you will shoot you. Just side-step out and kill the first one, then stay on your side of the railing - the other guard won't be able to hit you. Wait for him or try and get him over the railing, your choice.

    Plant a mine on each of the computers up here (black squares with purple X's), then go upstairs one more flight.

    Get the Body Armor, marked here with an X.

    Go back down to the first floor. You can detonate the mines now if you want. Go to the door at #5 and open it. Expose yourself to the guards within, but don't get shot by the drone guns. Go to the side and wait for the guards. There are four, but only three may come out. That's OK, you can get the other one later. Move back to the first computer (black square with purple X) and shoot the drone gun on the right (you'll be out of its range). Move forward a little and take out the drone gun on the left. You will probably have to open the door a few times.

    Now, how fast are you? If you are very fast, just run through the door and up to the computer where you have to plant a mine (black square, purple X). If you are not so fast, sneak up on the drone guns on either side of the door. They are fairly deep in the alcoves, but take your time. Get the fourth guard now if you haven't already. Plant the mine on the computer and detonate it if you want. If you weren't as fast as you thought you were and you got tagged, you might wanna kill the drone guns before you go back. You can do this from the catwalks above them. If you were fast enough, run on back. The drone guns are not part of your mission this time, so don't waste ammo on them if you don't have to.

    Go plant a mine on the two computers in the main area where you first found Boris (black squares, purple X's), but DO NOT detonate them! Go back upstairs and shoot the tables below. Blow them all up EXCEPT for the middle one closest to the screen. Make sure you shoot the table at the furthest distance from that main table, and don't shoot the computers. If you blow up the main table, by shooting it or by the incidental explosions, Natalya will not be able to use the computer to disable the GoldenEye satellite!!!

    OK, enough messing around. Go get Natalya through the door at #6. When she starts coming, get down to the main floor and stand behind her at #7. The big purple X's illustrate where the guards are going to come from. About half the ones that come down the stairs will be gunning for you, the other half will go after Natalya. If you have a choice of killing the guy shooting you or the guy shooting Natalya, pick the one shooting her. This is why you have to have full life here and absorb a lot of shots. Keep your eyes on the upper floor, near the top of the stairs for guards coming. You'll have to keep turning back and forth to watch both stairways. Although Auto-Aim sucks on stairs, if you have the chance to kill a guy before he gets to the bottom of the stairs, do so, even if it means climbing a couple of steps. Guards can't shoot when they are on stairs, so take advantage of that. Make sure you collect all the guns they drop, too, or you'll run out of ammo.

    Also, listen for glass breaking. That is a guard coming through the glass on the main floor, to the left or right (the top two X's). The guards who come through the glass are only interested in killing Natalya. Kill them first. Once a pane of glass is broken, that adds a third place to watch for guards. eep listening for the other pane to break and then you'll get to cover four areas. Once Natalya is done, make sure she get to the top of the stairs before you bugger off, otherwise she'll get killed. You don't have to escort her, just watch her from the main floor.

    Go to the screen. NOW you can detonate those mines. The reason you couldn't before was that they sometimes break the glass there, which would give you yet another area to watch while you are protecting Natalya. Exit through one of the broken panes of glass. Kill any guard who gets in your way. Yes, they are endless so you shouldn't stand and wait for them, but kill them if they are in your way - you'll need that extra time and you should have enough ammo. Get to the door at #8 and switch to the Remote Mines. Go a little to the side of the door and open it (it was locked before). Lob the mine in so that it goes over the glass in the left corner, then detonate it. (To detonate a mine quickly, hold B and press A.) This explosion should kill the two guards inside. Go in and shut the door behind you. Switch to the D5K and open the next door. Kill the guard on the other side of the door, then run like crazy towards #9. Open the elevator and get in fast. You will take a lot of hits here, too. If you make it, you are done!

    MISSION 7.iii - Water Caverns


    You must finish this mission on the Secret Agent level in 10:00 or less.

    Same as above, but really, really fast. Remember to stay protected and don't take any hits.

    For reference, my best time is 9:37. No, I don't wanna hear how fast you made it!

    Whaddaya get for it? Infinite Ammo (Mission or Multiplayer). Note: When Infinite Ammo is on, you cannot pick up boxes. As far as more ammo goes, who cares? But boxes also contain mines and grenades which you cannot pick up.


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