MISSION 9: el-Saghira
9.i - Egyptian Temple

Purple S indicates starting point
Red dot = stationary guard
Red dot with black X = patrolling guard
Black dots show approximate path of patrol
Arrows indicate direction of patrol
Straight lines indicate that a patrol is back and forth, rather than in a circuit


  • In order to make up time (important only in one mission, but it sometimes seems to take forever to start), hit the Start button during the opening film and then again when the POV zooms up to Bond to get inside his head.
  • Guards cannot see over railings or short walls, even though you can see them.
  • Guards generally take a moment to "set" - move their firearm from carrying position to firing position. This is the best time to kill them.
  • Always use Auto-Aim unless you have time to manually aim. (As far as this site goes, you should only aim manually when I specifically say to aim at something or if I say to shoot someone or something in a specific place. For instance, if I tell you to shoot someone in the head, you will need to manually aim. Otherwise, use Auto-Aim - that's what it's there for!)
  • Never rely on your Auto-Aim for up and down stairways, ladders, etc.
  • Never engage the enemy in a face-to-face gunfight. Get around a corner and wait for them to come to you. Pick them off as they round the corner and attempt to set.
  • The KF7 is your most handy gun, although it is loud. A tip: when aiming, a quick tap on the trigger will fire one bullet. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the head and generally does not attract the attention of other guards. When using Auto-Aim, a quick tap on the trigger will fire three bullets. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the chest (where Auto-Aim generally aims) and, when used inside rooms or far away from other guards, does not attract their attention the way a huge outburst of gunfire would. It also conserves ammo!
  • Don't switch guns until I tell you to!
  • Reload often - after every bad guy if possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified, always take your time! This walk-through is to get you finished the game, not to achieve the cheats. Speed is not necessary and, in most cases, will get you killed.

    This one is easy! It's so easy, I'm not even gonna tell you how to do it. Oh, all right, I'll tell you. If you don't know what you are doing, it can be hard, I guess. But it's easy!!!

    First of all, the guards are endless. More so than in any other mission. (How can anything be more endless?) Don't go after any guard - it's a waste of time and will only get you shot in the back and from the sides.

    From the start, go perfectly straight so the guards up there don't see you until the last moment. They should not get any shot off until you are long gone. Go up to #1 and go straight up that hall and up the stairs. Open the door and step inside to the very end of the hall, but not onto the tiles. You should have outrun the guards and you'll be safe here.

    Inside this room are what look like four big boxes. Inside are drone guns, as illustrated. If you step on the wrong tile, the boxes (which are actually walls) will drop and the drone guns will kill you. If this happens, you might as well start again, because you will not make it.

    Follow the tile guide (lower right corner of map - match up the #2s). You may want to look down at the tiles you are stepping on. After you've done it a few times, you'll be able to do it without looking.
    Step forward onto the first tile. Side-step left to the wall. Step forward two tiles. Side-step right one tile right of centre. Step all the way forward to the big box. Side-step one tile left, to centre. Go forward one tile. Side-step one tile left, to the box. Step forward two tiles, to the display case. Side-step right to centre. The display glass will drop and you can get the Golden Gun and the golden bullets. You can now step on any tiles, so go out at #3. Don't take your time here. An invisible drone gun will start shooting at you if you take too long. Inside this hall is some Body Armor, which you will need. Switch to the Golden Gun.

    Exit at the end of this hall - the door opens up high and it's tempting to pick off the guards. Don't. Just zip out and head towards #4. That is where you are going to find Baron Samedi ... for the first time. Kill him with the Golden Gun (he'll shoot at you with a pair of single shot weapons that look like DD44s). Don't mess with the guards - run from them! If they get in your face, shoot them, but don't engage them.

    Run to #6 via the opening at #5. This is where you will find Baron Samedi, for the second time. If you can sneak up on him around the pillars, you'll be better off. If he sees you, he'll start rolling and being all hard to hit and stuff. Again, one shot from the Golden Gun will kill him. If he sees you, he will shoot you with a pair of machine gun-style weapons that look remarkably like DD44s!

    Go back up and through the same opening at #1, but this time hang a right at #7. Zoom through the water down in the basement and go up the stairs opposite. At the end of the hall you will see a giant black pillar that looks to be made of glass. It won't break, but it will provide cover, if you need it. What you will probably need is the Body Armor that is located at the X. Be ready: Baron Samedi is located at #8! You will need to shoot him three times with the Golden Gun. This isn't so easy since he is now shooting you with a pair of lasers that look amazingly like ... yup, you guessed it, DD44s! Once he is dead, watch your back for five or ten seconds, for guards coming to kill you. Then you are done!

    No, really. DONE! You should now have opened up the 007 level!


    You must finish this mission on the 00 Agent level in 6:00 or less.

    Ya know, if you didn't get the cheat following the instructions above ... well, you probably took too long in the Golden Gun room. Do it again, only faster!

    For reference, my best time is 1:41. No, I don't wanna hear how fast you made it!

    Whaddaya get for it? All Guns - including all the mines, the Taser and the Tank (Mission only). Just for finishing, you get the Golden Gun.

    What about the Treat, you ask. Well, just like the game itself, you can't just finish the last mission and expect to get the 007 level. Nope, you'll have to start at the Dam and take the full walkthrough to get the treats!


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