MISSION 4: Monte Carlo
4.i - Frigate

Purple S indicates starting point
Red dot = stationary guard
Red dot with black X = patrolling guard
Black dots show approximate path of patrol
Arrows indicate direction of patrol
Straight lines indicate that a patrol is back and forth, rather than in a circuit


  • In order to make up time (important only in one mission, but it sometimes seems to take forever to start), hit the Start button during the opening film and then again when the POV zooms up to Bond to get inside his head.
  • Guards cannot see over railings or short walls, even though you can see them.
  • Guards generally take a moment to "set" - move their firearm from carrying position to firing position. This is the best time to kill them.
  • Always use Auto-Aim unless you have time to manually aim. (As far as this site goes, you should only aim manually when I specifically say to aim at something or if I say to shoot someone or something in a specific place. For instance, if I tell you to shoot someone in the head, you will need to manually aim. Otherwise, use Auto-Aim - that's what it's there for!)
  • Never rely on your Auto-Aim for up and down stairways, ladders, etc.
  • Never engage the enemy in a face-to-face gunfight. Get around a corner and wait for them to come to you. Pick them off as they round the corner and attempt to set.
  • The KF7 is your most handy gun, although it is loud. A tip: when aiming, a quick tap on the trigger will fire one bullet. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the head and generally does not attract the attention of other guards. When using Auto-Aim, a quick tap on the trigger will fire three bullets. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the chest (where Auto-Aim generally aims) and, when used inside rooms or far away from other guards, does not attract their attention the way a huge outburst of gunfire would. It also conserves ammo!
  • Don't switch guns until I tell you to!
  • Reload often - after every bad guy if possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified, always take your time! This walk-through is to get you finished the game, not to achieve the cheats. Speed is not necessary and, in most cases, will get you killed.

    Here's another good one. From your starting point in the boat, climb the ramp and hang a left. Go up the stairs and go in the door and shoot the guard at the end of the hall. Go through that door and continue to the helicopter and plant the Tracker Bug. Turn to your right and go through the big garage door. Go up the left stairs and open the door. (Map: Follow the purple line to #3.) There are three guards in this hall and they all have their backs to you. Shoot the first one in the head and grab his gun. Shoot the next one in the head, etc. Don't shoot a guard who is in front of another guard or they will turn and kill you.

    Beyond the next door are three more guard. The one on the other side of the door has his back to you. Shoot him in the head and prepare for the other two to come at you. There's not much place to hide here, so stand and deliver! Go to #4 and look down the stairs. Shoot the guy at the bottom in the head, then zip around the stair railing and wait for his partner to rush up the stairs. He will likely stop at the point where you were standing when you shot his pal. Sometimes he stays there for a while, sometimes he moves forward. Take aim and shoot him in the head (he can't see you over the railing).

    Go down the stairs (Map: follow the purple line) and go through the door to #5 (the yellow is a lower floor). From here, shoot the guard on the peninsula in the head (he's got his back to you). Take his position and watch the lower floor for coming guards. They will likely go through the door and up the stairs, but if they come after you, you can take them from this position. Do not take a position in front of the computer because when they miss you, they'll explode the computer and your mission will be over. Shoot the guard across from you.

    When all is clear, go to the computer and disarm the bomb (the X). (To disarm the bomb, switch to Bomb Defuser, face it and press the trigger.) Switch back to the Silenced D5K, kneel down and pick off the guy holding a hostage on the lower floor (hostage marked with an X). As long as you are up here, kill the guard standing under the stairs (to the left of the #5).

    Now go out the door and you'll see another door in front of you (kill any guard that may have wandered here). Set your aim a little to the left then open the door and kill the guard there. When coming upon these hostage-holding guards, shoot quick. You usually don't have time to aim before they shoot the hostage.

    Continue through to #6. Around this corner is guard holding a hostage in a doorway. He has his back to you, but he also apparently possesses Spidey-Sense, because if you stand there and aim, he will shoot the hostage. Side-step out and shoot him, then hurry back around the corner and wait for his partner to come and avenge his death. Kill him and then continue the course. Open the door and there is a guard who will see you. Slide back into the little room and wait for him to round the corner. Another may come, but unlikely.

    Go back out and be very careful about the hostages. The hostages run around like the proverbial cranial-impaired fowl. Try not to shoot them. Peek around the corner and take out the guard standing there. His buddy will come for you, so be ready. Another guard may come as well.

    When the guards are cleared from this area, go in the door and go down the stairs to #7 and aim across the engine-y thing and kill that guard in the head. Collect all the guns from down here, then go back up the same stairs and up the stairs marked by the H.

    If there is still a guard at the top of the stairs, kill him. His buddy at the other end of the stairs will come after you, so get back down the stairs and around the corner and wait for him. If the guard at the top of the stairs is gone, then go halfway up the stairs, turn and kill that other guard in the head. Go to the top of the stairs and face left. Take aim and shoot that guard in the head, but don't get too close.

    Now go around behind the stairs, where there is a door. Open the door and shoot whatever guards are there. The guard to the right may come for you from inside or he may circle around and come from behind. Or he might not even be there! Just be ready for him.

    Exit this room and go towards the next stairs. Sneak at the corner and shoot the guard in the head, then back up and wait for the guard at the top of the stairs to round the corner. Go up the stairs and turn quickly to your right. There may be a guard there - or maybe not. Kill him if he's there (obviously).

    #8 indicates the toughest hostage rescue. As soon as you enter the room, the guard knows you are there, whether he sees you or not, and will shoot the hostage shortly. Do not worry about the guard near the doorway. He will shoot you, but just shake it off. Go in the door and side-step left and shoot the guard at the other end of the room. It doesn't matter if you kill him, just so long as you get his attention. Now get out of the room and take the guards down as they come for you. Do the same thing in the next room adjoining this one (through the entrance marked with a square red 1).

    Go back to the top of the stairs that brought you here and exit through that door. Go to the door marked #9. Aim towards the centre of the Bridge and open the door. Shoot that guard and back out and wait for the guards for a very short time. If you hear a door open right behind you, it's probably safe to go in. The guards here do not come right at you - they go all the way around, which gives you time to disarm the bridge bomb - located right by where the guard with the hostage was standing. Something to make a note of - you don't want to hit the bomb when you are trying to hit the guard or your mission will fail.

    Disarm the bomb and exit through the door at #10, go down the stairs and get back on your boat. You only have to save five of the six hostages to succeed. Pat yourself on the back if you got all six!

    MISSION 5.i - Surface


    You must finish this mission on the Secret Agent level in 4:30 or less.

    In Secret Agent level you only have to save three hostages. Do the above, all the way to #5, going as fast as possible. You will probably take a few hits - don't worry about it. Once you have disarmed the engine room bomb, and rescued that hostage, go and rescue the hostage just before #6. Now go back the way you came, all the way to the helicopter. Exit the garage door and turn right and go up those stairs. Go through the door and kill whatever guards are there. Bypass #8 altogether and go right to #9. Step in, shoot the guard holding the hostage, then step back out. Wait a few seconds - not too long, then go back in and disarm the bomb. If the hostage is gone, go back out the way you came in and go around the front of the boat. If the hostage is still there, wait and exit through the opposite door as him. Wait until the mission is complete (don't hang around the exit) then exit.

    For reference, my best time is 3:32. No, I don't wanna hear how fast you made it!

    Whaddaya get for it? No Radar (Multiplayer only).


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