Multiplayer Tips, Tricks & Rules


PLAYERS: For maximum viewing, it's best to play with only two. For lotsa fun, though, play with three or four!

  • NORMAL - The scenario that we usually play. The rest just aren't as cathartic!
  • YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE - Everybody only has two lives, so don't die more than anyone else.
  • THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS - Capture the flag. If you don't know where it is, though, it can be quite difficult. It's fun, but not so much for the person carrying the flag - s/he doesn't get to shoot anybody, and isn't that the whole point?
  • THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - So go get the Golden Gun and wait for everybody to come and try to get it. Kinda dumb. Don't play with people like that, or follow the rules, below.
  • LICENSE TO KILL - Every gun has the effect of a Golden Gun, so this is actually pretty cool, except that you die pretty much as soon as you see your opponent. Not as much fun as a shootout!
  • TEAM - This is fun unless your teammate shoots you and/or if you have a really horrible teammate.
  • LEVEL: If you can see in the dark, your level will be Caves. If not, best choose the others.

    GAME LENGTH: We prefer to set it to five or ten kills. Timed games don't really give you enough time to catch up if you are lagging.

    WEAPONS: Don't choose Sniper Rifles (you won't have the time to aim), Timed Mines (they blow up in three seconds - what's the point?), Slappers Only (do you know how long it takes to kill someone with these?), and Throwing Knives (unless you're up close, your knives will be dodged). Grenades aren't so hot, either. The coolest ones: Grenade Launchers, Power Weapons, and Golden Gun.

    CHARACTERS: Pick one that is dark in clothing and/or skin. It makes you hard to see, especially against dark backgrounds or in dark levels.

    HEALTH: The higher you go on the "+" side, the harder is it is to get killed; the higher you go on the "-" side, the easier it is to die. Be fair to your lesser-abled opponents.

    CONTROL STYLE: 1.1 Honey is the default - it's the same one you will have used in the Mission section of the game unless you changed it. If you prefer a different setup, you'll have to change it to what you like.

    AIM: Leave it all on, unless it bothers you.


    OK, there aren't really any "Tricks" for Multiplayer - this is just more "Tips".

    Know which guns are best:
    Generally, the one listed in the title of the Weapons selection is the best. (i.e. Golden Gun, Rockets, etc.)


    Yes, rules! Some people don't play fair. These rules run on the honour system, of course, since the game itself won't enforce them. But following the rules makes the game more fun, especially for those who always get dead.


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