MISSION 1: Arkangelsk
1.iii - Runway

Purple S indicates starting point
Red dot = stationary guard
Red dot with black X = patrolling guard
Black dots show approximate path of patrol
Arrows indicate direction of patrol
Straight lines indicate that a patrol is back and forth, rather than in a circuit


  • In order to make up time (important only in one mission, but it sometimes seems to take forever to start), hit the Start button during the opening film and then again when the POV zooms up to Bond to get inside his head.
  • Guards cannot see over railings or short walls, even though you can see them.
  • Guards generally take a moment to "set" - move their firearm from carrying position to firing position. This is the best time to kill them.
  • Always use Auto-Aim unless you have time to manually aim. (As far as this site goes, you should only aim manually when I specifically say to aim at something or if I say to shoot someone or something in a specific place. For instance, if I tell you to shoot someone in the head, you will need to manually aim. Otherwise, use Auto-Aim - that's what it's there for!)
  • Never rely on your Auto-Aim for up and down stairways, ladders, etc.
  • Never engage the enemy in a face-to-face gunfight. Get around a corner and wait for them to come to you. Pick them off as they round the corner and attempt to set.
  • The KF7 is your most handy gun, although it is loud. A tip: when aiming, a quick tap on the trigger will fire one bullet. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the head and generally does not attract the attention of other guards. When using Auto-Aim, a quick tap on the trigger will fire three bullets. This is usually sufficient to dispatch a guard shot in the chest (where Auto-Aim generally aims) and, when used inside rooms or far away from other guards, does not attract their attention the way a huge outburst of gunfire would. It also conserves ammo!
  • Don't switch guns until I tell you to!
  • Reload often - after every bad guy if possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified, always take your time! This walk-through is to get you finished the game, not to achieve the cheats. Speed is not necessary and, in most cases, will get you killed.

    If you've done this on Agent level, you know it's a piece of cake. You're wrong. It's a fairly straightforward mission, but what makes it difficult is that the guards have a tendency to shoot you just as you are pulling the trigger on something you have so carefully lined up in your crosshairs. Try not to get too frustrated.

    At the start, turn immediately to your right and shoot the guard who comes out of that alcove. The illustrated path is extremely simplified as he tends to take a "three steps forward, two steps back" sort of approach to patrolling. Don't worry, as soon as he sees you, he'll forget about his path. You can aim, but it's quicker to just shoot him. Go inside the alcove and pick up the Timed Mines. (You won't need them, but let's be thorough!) Go out to where you started and pick up the box of grenades. Continue forward to the conveyor belt and hang a right. Check for the patrol - if you're lucky, he'll be to your right and he won't see you before you shoot him in the head. If he was near, get his gun (otherwise, get it later). Go to the little shed to your left and get the box of grenades sitting next to it. Go inside and bounce a grenade off the far wall and into the alcove where the two guards are standing. They won't see you and will explode. Go in and collect two guns and the plane key.

    Now exit that shed and go straight across and around the corner to your right, to the tank. Climb on top of it and use B button to get in and start it up. Switch your weapon to Tank (the gunbarrel will rise slightly when you get to Tank). Go to #3 and drive up that side of the runway. Try to run over the guards, but avoid the barrels as they will explode if you run over them. Don't spend a lot of time worrying about the guards - they are endless in this mission (they keep coming out of the facility). Concentrate on your objectives and hope that you don't get shot too much.

    At #4 is the first Heavy Gun Emplacement. You can't kill these with anything except your Tank, so line it up and shoot it. The Tank shells are fired in an arc, so this may take a little getting used to. Also, when you've got it lined up and are ready to fire, someone will probably shoot you and you will have to line it up and fire again.

    From here, turn the Tank and take out the Missile Battery - it's that large block with a missile on top, right next to the plane. Oh, make a note of that - RIGHT NEXT TO THE PLANE! Be careful when firing your shells at the battery because if you hit the plane, you cannot finish the mission. If you follow these instructions you won't be in danger of killing the plane, but if you go your own way, try not to drive the Tank into the plane, as it will die....

    Now drive forward on the runway to #5 or until you see the muzzle flash from the gun to your right (crudely marked with an X). When you see the flash, back up until you don't see it, but keep your eye on the spot. Fire your shells at this area. It's hard to tell when you've destroyed the gun - watch and listen for a double explosion (the first being the impact of the shell, the second being the gun exploding). Now go right up the left side of the Runway and take out the other gun at the other X. You can get almost right underneath it and it won't see you, so line it up good. Now get out of the Tank (B button) and run for the plane. Switch to your KF7 and shoot at anyone in your way, but don't worry about killing anyone. Just get to the plane's door (either side) and hit B button. You'll be done!

    MISSION 2.i - Surface


    You must finish this mission on the Agent level in 5:00 or less.

    This isn't even hard to do! Just go out the conveyor belt and into the shack. Grab the key off the table and leave. Run to the plane and get in. Tough, huh?

    For reference, my best time is :31. No, I don't wanna hear how fast you made it!

    Whaddaya get for it? DK Mode - everyone with giant heads (Mission or Multiplayer).


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