ParallelHappy DaysThat '70s Show
Inspired by a movie American Graffiti Dazed And Confused
Based on a decade 20 years earlier 1950s in the 1970s 1970s in the 1990s
Cast member went missing Richie's brother Chuck Eric's sister Laurie
Cast member replaced Arnold, by Al Midge, by Joanne
Semi-popular singer as a guest Suzi Quatro Jessica Simpson
Geeky star quits, is replaced by handsome dude with perfect hair Richie, by Roger Eric, by Randy
Other cast member leaves, replaced by occasional guest who becomes regular Ralph Malph, Jenny Piccolo (not seen as guest) Michael Kelso, Leo

ParallelStar WarsHarry Potter
Orphan, raised by aunt & uncle Luke Harry
mortal mother, endowed father Amidala (queen), Anakin (Jedi) Lily (Muggle), James (wizard)
Greying mentor (with a beard) Obi-Wan Kenobi Albus Dumbledore
Short-shafted weapon light saber wand
Giant hairy beast Chewbacca Hagrid
Courageous best friend Han Solo Ron Weasley
It should be noted that Ron comes across as more courageous in the books than in the films. (Maybe I should have said "happy-go-lucky best friend".)
Female who is not the main character's girlfriend, but appears headed for romance with the best friend Leia Hermione
Small creature with big ears Yoda Dobby
Flying transport pretty much everything.... broomstick
Parents killed by ultimate evil Lord Vader Lord Voldemort
Unfeeling automatons Stormtroopers Dementors
Ruling body Jedi Council Ministry of Magic
Unknown power The Force Magic
Good turned bad Sith Death Eaters
Alas, the best I can do to replicate the robot sidekicks is this:
Not entirely co-ordinated sidekick C-3PO Neville Longbottom
Faithful sidekick R2-D2 Colin Creevey
I invite you to do better!

Sorry, I couldn't find any uglier colours!

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